Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes in the World

After Movies, Sports are the most followed culture in the world. It gets immense media coverage than actual worldwide news. It takes tremendous amount of passion, dedication and perseverance to make a good athlete out of a regular person. A good athlete must have certain qualities such as discipline, perseverance, passion, devotion, dedication and the will to move forward regardless of multiple defeats.

Athletes work really hard to endure in their sports without any additional medication but through rigorous training. This is why the job they do is quite difficult as these athletes require to give 100% performance at its peak and this is why they are paid amazingly well. Most of the athletes are millionaires, while others are still following their dream in sports.

Here are the Top Highest Paid Athletes rankings as per Forbes.

1.Cristiano Ronaldo

This time the spot goes to Football. The eccentric Portugal Footballer appeared in number 9 spot in 2012 with a total of 42.5 million as total earnings. This spot was again retained by Ronaldo in 2013 with 44 million. He jumped up to second spot in 2014 with a whooping 80 million earnings, while slipping back to third position in 2015 with a slight decrease in his earning to 79.6 million. His ever increasing fan base made him a strong athlete. In the current first position in 2016 he earned as much as 88 million. This shows his dedication and perseverance towards the sport which gained him the no.1 spot.

2.Lionel Andrés “Leo” Messi

The most flamboyant footballer of this era, Messi stunned the world of sport with his early retirement. While he currently holds the no.2 spot with a total earning of 81.4 million, it was never easy for Messi to achieve this spot. This Argentinian appeared first in 2013 at the no.10 spot with an earning of 41.3 million. Messi jumped to no.4th spot in 2014 with his exceptional performance with a total of 64.7 million. He retained the same spot in 2015 with an increased earning of 73.8 million.

3.LeBron Raymone James

The 2016’s 3rd spot is secured by this American basketball player. His total earnings stood at 77.2 million. James has a mind-blowing track record in his portfolio since 2012 when he took the 4th position with a total earning of 53 million. He regained the same position back in 2013 with an earning of 59.8 million. This Cleveland Cavaliers player took the no.3 spot in 2014 with an earning of 72.3 million. In 2015 he slipped to no.6 spot, decreasing his earnings to 64.8 million. He is considered one of the most athletic and versatile players in the NBA history.

4.Roger Federer

This Swiss Tennis player holds the number 4th spot in 2016 with earnings tallying to 67.8 million. Roger stood at 5th position in 2012 with estimated earnings of 52.7 million followed by 71.5 million in 2013 while holding the 2nd spot. His tally dropped to 7th position in 2014 with a considerable decrease in his earnings to 56.2 million. In 2015 he climbed 2 spots above and settled at 5th position with total earning 67 millions.

5.Kevin Wayne Durant

The 5th spot of 2016 goes to this American Basketball player with earnings amounting to 56.2 million. The athlete power-house was recently crowned as the “most valuable NBA player”. Kevin had also secured a place in 2015 at no.7 spot with an earning of 54.1 million. Before 2015 Kevin did not secured any spot. This signifies, how an accomplished player he is.

6.Novak Djokovic

Considered, one of the greatest tennis players of all time and currently ranked at no.2 in men’s singles, Novak secured no.6 spot as world’s highest paid athlete. His earnings amounted to 55.8 million in total. He is a phenomenal player with due respect as he found a place in this list directly in this position.

7.Cameron Jerrell Newton

Newton is an American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. He currently holds the no.7 spot in Forbes List. His total earnings for 2016 stands at $53.1 million.

Cameron is the only player in the modern era of American football to be awarded the Heisman Trophy. Bags a win in national championship, and went on to become the first overall pick in an NFL draft within a one-year span. Newton was awarded the 2011 NFL Rookie of the Year, is a three-time Pro Bowler, and was named to the NFL All Pro First Team in 2015.

8.Philip Alfred Mickelson

Phil is famously nicknamed “Lefty” in the Golfing World. He is currently placed at no.8 spot with a total earning of 52.9 million. This American golfer started ranking since 2012-13 with an earning amounting to 47.8 followed with 48.7 million at 7th position then. He slipped at 8th spot in 2014 and again in 2015 with earnings in total of 53.2 and 50.8 million respectively.

9.Jordan Alexander Spieth

Is an American Professional Golfer and consecutively placed at no.9 with a total earning of 52.8 million. He is the former world number one in the Official World Golf Ranking. Spieth was named “100 Most Influential People” in Time Magazine in April 2016.

10.Kobe Bean Bryant

Though Kobe retired from professional basketball, he still made his position at no.10 with a net-worth of 50 million. He first appeared in Forbes list in 2012 with total earnings of 52.3 million at 6th spot. In 2013 Kobe secured the 3rd spot with 61.9 million. He slipped to 5th position in 2014 with 61.5 million net worth. He slipped further to 10th spot in 2015 where his earning stood at 49.5 million



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