10 Kinds of Bra Every Woman Should Have

Just because bras are hidden under your shirt, it doesn’t imply that you are going to wear the same kind of bra every day, under every type of dress. Bras

We just cannot live without Bra. A bra has become every girl’s best friend, it takes care of her looks and holds her spirit and confidence firmly. It tops the list of the essential things a girl must own. But the question that bothers everyone is the type of bra they need, the one that will suit them the best. These days there are ample of choices and to choose correctly considering the look, fitting, material and shape is of utmost importance. The bra should be changed as per the type of dress you are varying, and also right size.

It’s fun to coordinate your bras with everyday clothing and if you know the right way you can add vogue to your look just with the right kind of bra. The market offers you a plethora of designs and options when you go out a shop for your perfect bra.

Here we get for you a perfect guide to the 10 types of bra every woman must own

1. Sports BraBrasAgreed by all, a sports bra is every girl’s favorite. They are extremely comfortable from all the aspects. These are the bra that is used when you do some sports activity so that the breast does not sag after some time. You can wear them during your morning jog, gym, yoga etc. These bras give complete support and hold your breasts tight so that they don’t go crazy while working out.

2. Strapless BraWomenswearThe strapless bra comes without those annoying and sticky straps and is mostly worn with tanks and off shoulder tops. The twist is that most of the strapless bras should have a good support to the cups that makes it stay firm in place. If you wear thin strapped dresses, strapless bra is mandatory for a perfect fit. Most importantly you should discard a strapless bra after using for 5-6 months since its support power gets reduced with time.

3. Push-up BraBrasIf want to look sexy and stylish, do not forget to wear a push-up bra. Going out on a date or a sensational romantic outing with your husband, you need to look your best that would knock the wind out of your partner, go for a push-up bra.Choose between padded or non-padded ones depending as per your cup size.

4. Backless BraWomenswearFor any backless dress or choli, opt for a backless bra. There are different styles of backless bras. Some have transparent backs, some provide one cup piece for each breast that connects at the center with a front closure bra hook. On the other hand, some adhere to the underside of the breasts by using a medical grade adhesive.

5. Full cup BraBrasFull cup bras are designed in such a way so as to cover the entire breast area. Such bras are perfect for women with a heavy bust. When full cup bra kicked in the fashion industry, it became mandatory to wear a simple, shapely and full cup bra.

6. Convertible BraInnerwearYou should really have this one in your closet. Generally, the convertible bra has straps that can be arranged in different shapes and sizes. A convertible bra is a quick remedy to most of the dresses where you can wear it the way you like and this kind of bras look great with all kind of dresses.

7. Lacy BraWomenswearNothing looks as sexy and sensuous like a sexy lacy bra to make women look hot. If you already have one, you will agree. If you do not have one, grab it from your nearest store. Choose a padded, non-padded, or underwired in nude, black or any other bright shade for the times when you want to feel like a diva.

8. Demi Bra BrasDemi bras have semi cut-away cups that highlight the upper portion of your breasts and sets perfectly with wide shoulder straps. It’s just what you need when you will wear low-cut, wide scoop or square necklines. What’s more, it looks incredibly sexy too.

9. Basic Bralette WomenswearThe basic bralette is basically worn by women in their 30s as the basic bralette appears more comfortable and relaxing than the rest. It id made out of cotton or spandex which is skin friendly. You can wear a basic bralette every day and they go easily for a year. They come in nonpadded and seamless.

10. Nude Bra WomenswearWith your whites and lightly shaded clothes, it is always a great option to wear a nude bra. Also, it goes with different kinds of dresses depending on the style. You really need not worry about wearing the right color of bra under your clothes all the time since nude is always right!


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