The unthinkable has happened; Donald Trump wins the US presidential election

US presidential electionThis morning, Donald Trump winning the US presidential election came as a shock all around the world. He achieved a stunning victory in the states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, as he marched towards the White House. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump competed against each other to be the next president of the United States. Initially, Mrs. Clinton could not concede the election but later congratulated Mr. Trump on his victory.

Mr. Trump has sweared to be a president for all Americans.  At his victory party in New York City, he addressed his supporters asking them to join together, and promised to represent every citizen of the land. He further added that time has arrived for America to bind the wounds of division and come together as one. The nation will dream big, bold and daring and America will no longer settle for anything but the best.

Either way, even Clinton’s win would not benefit the nation. They both were perhaps the most unpopular candidates in recent history. Yet, Clinton was by many means the most seasoned, experienced presidential candidate. She is the former first lady, senator, and secretary of State and her win would make her the first woman elected to the White House, breaking what has been called the highest glass ceiling.

Women all over the nation supported Mrs. Clinton by a double-digit margin, whereas men were significantly more likely to back Mr. Trump. Americans find Clinton untrustworthy. All these were connected with the secrecy she had displayed during her tenure in public office. FBI had to probe into the controversy over her use of a private email server and it was checked whether she was guilty of such criminal behavior. The FBI this disclosed that there were not enough evidence to charge her with a criminal offence. On the eve of the presidential election, Hillary Clinton was given a clean chit from FBI, but this could not bring back her fortune. After Trump’s epic win, the mood at Ms Clinton’s party turned dull, with some supporters leaving, others crying and hugging each other. Horror, not remorse, aptly describes the temperament of those on the losing side today. Partly because of their sheer dislike of Trump the man.

On the other hand Donald Trump is the least experienced political candidate in recent history. The billionaire reality TV star becomes the most powerful man in the world. As the unworthy person comes to power, we know that the nation is in serious trouble. Clinton failed above all since she was on the wrong side of the tsunami. And Trump succeeded as he saw it, understood it and knew precisely how to ride it home. He blamed the decades of free-trade policy and identified it as the prime culprit that had taken away their hopes of a better future and, often, their jobs, their very sense of economic security. He caught a glimpse of today back at the end of 2012 when he first applied to trademark his slogan, Make America Great Again.

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