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Jagannath temple

The Jagannath Temple of Puri holds great importance among the Hindus. It is one of the Char (four) Dhams which are sacred to the followers of Hinduism. The trio of Jagannath, Balaram, and Suvadra is worshiped in this holy temple. As history has it, the temple was built in the 12th century during the rule of the Eastern Ganga dynasty’s King Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva, a dynasty which is also famously known for building the Sun temple of Konark along with several major Shaivism temples.

Mysteries surrounding the Jagannath Temple of Puri, Odisha have been lurking around since ages. The pilgrims have often expressed their experience and how they have been mesmerized by these unexplained phenomena.

Over the time, many such mysteries have been experienced by a lot of visitors. Let us take a look at some of these facts which have been most talked about and are yet to be logically explained by science.

  1. The flag at the top of the temple has been seen to flap in the opposite direction of the breeze.
  2. No matter where you stand in Puri, it looks as if the Sudarshana Chakra on top of the temple is always facing you. Some call this a visual illusion; however, this fact is yet to be explained by logic too.
  3. Under normal circumstances, in coastal areas, the breeze blows from the sea towards the land during the day-time and in reverse during evening hours. But in the case of the Puri temple, the opposite happens.
  4. It has been noticed that no birds fly above the Jagannath temple in Puri. Some also add that even aircraft do not fly over the temple.
  5. The shadow of the main dome of the temple is not visible, irrespective of the time of day. An architectural feat or another mystery?
  6. It has been noticed that once you enter the temple from Singha dwara’s entrance you will not be able to hear the roar of the ocean after the first step. However, when you exit, you can clearly hear the same. As per the legend Mata Subhadra, the sister of Lord Jagannath and Lord Balaram, wished for some calm and quiet and hence this phenomenon came into existence.
  7. The last point is quite interesting. It is said that the Prasad cooked in the temple never goes to waste. The number of pilgrims varies widely from 2000 to 20000 every day but the quantity of Prasad cooked remains same throughout the year. However, none of it has ever gone to waste, not even once. Also, the Prasad is cooked in pots using firewood. Exactly seven pots are put on the wood one on top of another. Surprisingly, the top most pot cooks first followed by the bottom pots in order.

These facts are both interesting and mysterious. Apart from these, a strong positive energy could be felt inside and around the temple. As a result, pilgrims all across the globe travel long distances to visit the temple and shower in the holy blessings.


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