Shaunae Miller, Dipa Karmakar & Usain Bolt- From the dive of Fate to the Race race to immortality

TodayTopTrendz10th Day of Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium saw a very rare seen. Shaunae Miller from the Bahamas dives over the finish line to win the gold medal for her Country in the Women’s 400m Final ahead of Allyson Felix of the United States.

American sprinter Allyson Felix would have been the proud owner of yet another Olympic gold medal instead of silver if Shaunae Miller had finished the race on her feet. Miller, from the Bahamas, beat Felix in the women’s Olympic 400-meter sprint on Monday night, 15th August 2016, by diving, belly-first, for the finish line.Olympic Rio

Shaunae Miller had to lay full seven minutes on her back while she was trying to catch her breath as well as process what had just happened wearing a smile that was shining brighter than the Olympic medal that she just won.

Miller’s body crashed hard on the blue track of RIO. Red scrapes were noticed on her legs, hips as well as arms for efforts, but the pain wasn’t immediately apparent. Soon Miller was joined on the ground by Felix, who clinched her eyes shut. In her fourth visit to the Olympics, Allyson Felix became the most decorated female athlete in the United States track as well as the field history.

But this win by Miller gave rise to one question in the minds of millions- Is it legal to Dive? But it is interesting to note that diving was completely legal. In fact, according to the rules of track and field state that if you hit the finish line when your torso, which is considered different from your head or your arms, crosses the ending line. This is the reason why the runners lean forward in close races — to get their torsos closer to the finishing line.

Miller’s dive allowed her torso to cross the finish line before her competitor Felix, even though it seemed like she had run out of air. And Miller isn’t even the first track and field athlete at these Olympics who dove for a better result.

Dipa Karmakar finishes fourth in women’s vault gymnasticsGymnastic

On the other hand, Dipa Karmakar the first female Indian gymnast at the Olympics lost out on a medal, but she managed to win billion hearts across the nation with her vaulting performance.

Ms Karmakar finished fourth in the women’s vault gymnastics event on 14th August 2016, Sunday, with a score of 15.966, just 0.15 points behind the bronze winner. But her fourth place did not stop the immense of support and praise for the athlete on social media.

Usain Bolt eyes New 200m World RecordFaster Man in the World

The fastest man in the World, Usain Bolt electrified Rio on Monday (AEST) by romping to his third consecutive gold in the 100 m, the first leg of his bid for an amazing “triple triple”.

Usain Bolt is eager to do better than his 2009 world best of 19.19 seconds. He said that a new record could be possible as he is all set for the opening round of the 200 m early on Wednesday morning (AEST).

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